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You May Have a Lot of Questions!
You May Have a Lot of Questions!


  The Features:

  • Tourmaline: 27  ceramic gemstones, 
  • Amethyst: 10 lbs of crushed gemstones

  • Jade: 26  full-sized gemstones

  • PEMF System: 7.8 Hz frequency (same as the earth)

  • Photon Lights: 12 LEDs (660 nm intensity)

  • Negative Ion Levels: Up to 1500/cc

  • Far Infrared Spectrum: At least 5-14 um

Photon Light Therapy

• Uses visible red lights at a wavelength of 660 nanometers

• Penetrates just below the surface of your skin
• Benefits are obtained when photon lights are applied through thin clothes or cover. For maximum effectiveness lights should contact directly with skin
• Beneficial for managing energy levels
• Assists directly with the mitochondria, the part of the body that makes proteins and collagen
• New cells destroy old cells, helping with detoxification and wellness


• Applies electromagnetic fields to the body to stimulate well-being

• Counteracts harmful exposure to electromagnetic smog
• Featured on Dr. Oz as a breakthrough in medical technology
• HealthyLine’s PEMF is based on the Earth’s natural 7.83 Hz frequency
• This frequency is the most compatible with your body’s natural biorhythms

Negative ion therapy has positive effects on your wellness:

• Nature’s purifiers—clearing your surroundings of harmful agents
• Counteracts positive ion disturbances
• Attracts harmful airborne particles and pulls them to the ground
• Tourmaline releases the largest quantity negative ions
• Guide the body along a path of detoxification of excess waste
• Cleanse your mind; improve the quality of your wellness

Relax your mind and body with hot stone therapy:

• Provides a spa experience in the comfort of your own home
• Feel hot stones against your skin as they relax your muscles
• Scientifically linked to lower levels of stress and anxiety
• Makes the body more receptive to massage therapy and chiropractic work
• Heated gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions
• Improves the effectiveness of other natural therapies in your mat
• Stone surface impacts pressure points on your body to relieve tension

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